Printjet 6 Series

Printjet 6 Series

Printjet 6 merupakan  printjet generasi terakhir yaitu generasi printer yang dapat diaplikasikan mulai dari 3 sampai dengan 6 head dalam satu controller yang sama. Disebut juga Multi-heads Inkjet Printer. Seri multihead dilengkapi dengan dua fitur (static & dynamic) dalam satu printer. 

Printjet ini terbagi menjadi 3 type yaitu :

  1. Tipe Flat
  2. Tipe 6C (Curve), dan
  3. Tipe 6E (untuk Telur)

Fitur Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) - Printjet 6

Selectable Languages  : Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian;
Fonts  : Default font is Arial, allows users to load the fonts they need;
Barcodes  : UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, INT25, CODE39, CODE128, ENA  128, PDF417,
      DATAMATRIX,     QR; (Allows user to add the barcode)
Date format  : Variety of date modes available (Production Date, Use by Date, Expiration Date, etc);
Counters  : Flexible setting for serial number, Lot-Box code counters;
Print Speed  : Print speed can be set, auto-measuring or using external synchronizer;
Multi-Management  : Multi-level password protection (Operator, Technician and Administrator);
PC Software’s Database  : MS Excel,  MS Access,  SQL2000,  SQL 2005,  SQL2008
 Device’s Database  suport  : Provide standard port of  RS-232, Ethernet, easy to integrate for customers

Spesifikasi Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) - Printjet 6 Series

Model Printjet 6 Series
: HP TIJ 2.5
Power Supply
: AC 90V-240V/50-60Hz, 60W (Dedicated AC)

Controller : 210*135*37mm

Printjet 6 : 126*100*31mm

Printjet 6C : 142*133*55mm

Printable Height

Printjet 6 : 1 - 76.2 mm

Printjet 6c : 1 - 12.7 mm

Printing speed

: 0 - 60m/min ( 300DPI)

0 - 30m/min (600dpi)

Print Resolution
: 50 ~ 600DPI
  1. Ethernet 100Mb/s, synchronized control of multiple devices via PC
  2. USB2.0 Port: Support Disk 
  3. DB15: For external device like photocell, synchronizer or alarm kit connection
Printing Objects
: Barcodes, character, Numeric, Logos, date/time, Expired date, shift code
Ink Management
  1. Automatically recognize the ink types and identify the optimum printing parameters
  2. Guarantee of using genuine original HP Ink
  3. Automatic measuring system for the usage of the ink
  1. Working env : -10~ +45 derajat Celcius : 10%-85%RH
  2. Storage env : -25~ +55 derajat Celcius: 10% - 90%RH

Informasi Tambahan

Ink Solutions

1) Support 42ml, 370ml cartridges of HP TIJ2.5 technology;
2) Support various colors of ink: black, red, green, blue;
3) Support Porous, semi-porous and non-porous materials.

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